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April 18-21, 2024

Each of us has a life before us, a race we must run. Which path we take decides our destiny. The road to eternal life is hard but the good news is Christ, the Author and Finisher of our Faith will be with us. He’s asking us to lay aside the sins that so easily hold us back. How can we not when Jesus has endured the cross for us? Will you look to Jesus the author and finisher of Your faith? Will you be faithful?


AYM Carolina is an Adventist youth ministry based in North Carolina. We are by God's grace hoping to reach our fellow youth with this ministry which the Lord has been leading us to start. We are a group of young people who want to ignite the fire of passion for mission in the hearts of our fellow Adventist youth, inspiring them to become channels of light to reflect Christ and His love to humanity. We realize the need for Godly friendships and spiritual encouragement and it is our prayer that young people will be enabled to see how God can work through them in a mighty way when they step out in faith for Him at these retreats, and then be inspired to work for God in their own communities. Feel free to visit to discover more about us!

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